AXIOM BIO:  Self-Evident Truth in both concept and application best describes the realization of the musical goals of brothers Peter Templer and Phil Templer.  The road towards that realization has been one of many twists and turns often encountered by professional musicians striving to explore their own artistic expressions, while at the same time responding to the ever changing demands of both the national and international marketplace. 

​Through AXIOM, Peter and Phil feel that they are indeed establishing their own special place on the contemporary music scene.  When recently asked "What is AXIOM all about and what are you trying to say, musically speaking?" Peter responds, 'As the name implies, this is the self-evident truth in music for us!  I grew up playing tunes by Jr. Walker, James Brown, the Allman Brothers, Jimi Hendrix, etc.  I love that stuff and always will.  Then,. put that together with my affinity for Jazz and Latin music through people such as Miles, Wes, Bird and Jobim.  Now I have this fantastic opportunity to express all of that here with AXIOM!" Phil adds, "There's that certain spark of creative spontaneity inherent in all of the music we love and that's what I'd like to think we're achieving in AXIOM.  There's a strong element of teamwork here as all the players get the chance to really be involved from performing as well as from a compositional standpoint".

​Exposure to a broad range of musical styles such as Big Band Jazz, Classical and Pop music, prompted Peter towards formal piano studies at the age of seven.  An elder brother who performed as a guitarist in local pop bands gave Peter his first guitar as a twelfth birthday present.  He began right away taking lessons, playing along with records and performing in rock bands which continued through high school.

​A new interest in Jazz urged Peter to continue formal music study at Boston's Berklee College of Music. He transferred to the University of Miami to participate in Jazz educator Jerry Coker's now legendary Jazz program studying with and alongside musicians such as Pat Metheny, Steve Morse, Hiram Bullock and Joe Diorio, to name just a few.  After achieving his B.A. in composition and performance, Peter signed on as a staff writer, arranger and recording artist for Solar Records.  Since relocating to California he has been  working with Phil composing, recording and producing original music projects,teaching guitar and backing up various singers in the studio and on tours.

​The strong family interest in music helped in encouraging Phil's early involvement by beginning the study of drums and piano at the age of eight.  By age twelve, Phil was performing in rock, concert and marching bands, in addition to studying with longtime Louis Bellson protoge Gaeton Caviola.  After attending colleges in both the Miami and Boston areas and performing extensively throughout the north and south, Phil joined Pete on a journey westward to California.  The move to the West Coast has kept Phil very busy both recording and performing in a variety of situations and places from the Las Vegas showrooms to some of L.A..'s premier clubs and studios.  Writing and working with Pete via AXIOM has indeed proven to be a most challenging and satisfying endeavor that has yet just begun!
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